Kids Krav Maga Information

Why Your Child Should Learn Krav Maga!

A Parents Question... Why do you want your child to learn self defence?

If any of the answers above are what you are thinking - Then KRAV MAGA is what your child needs!

KIDS KRAV MAGA teaches our children how to avoid dangerous situations when possible and how to effectively defend themselves.

The system consists of realistic self defence techniques that are effective not only against other children but adult assailants as well. At the same time, KRAV MAGA teaches children when it is and is not appropriate to use these techniques.

The KRAV MAGA system is taught in an environment that is FUN to learn in, but at the same time, stresses the seriousness of the training. If you are concerned about your children's safety, KRAV MAGA training will give you peace of mind, even when you are not able to be with them.

Our younger children will imitate a lot of self defence techniques through play. They will build a foundation of skill and understanding whilst playing and having fun. This is an important part of their learning which will prepare them for their next programme.

Our Kids Krav Maga programmes have a complete belt system to reward the children's accomplishments as well as a unique system of regular checks which motivates students and keeps them on track to achieve their next belt.

Total Self Protection's Instructors have all been DBS checked and are fully insured to teach children.

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